With a team of 22 professional trainers and 18 types of training programs, SAT Group is the largest sales, marketing and management training organization in the country since its establishment in 2014. During this period, 9,700 people participated in SAT Group trainings. Thanks to both corporate trainings and trainings held at the SAT Group center, more than 600 large, medium and small-sized enterprises have ensured the professional development of their employees. Since 2016, SAT Group has also been providing business consulting services. Thanks to 47 successful projects implemented, the SAT Group consulting team helped enterprises operating in manufacturing, retail, services, wholesaling, construction, medicine and other fields to build their sales and marketing systems, develop company strategies, and improve the management system. SAT Group is a business consulting partner of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


Sales training
– Practical sales course;
– Corporate sales;
– Sales management course.
Marketing training
– Social media marketing;
– Marketing research course;
– CRM course
– SAT Academy
– Sales Specialist;
– Marketing specialist.
– Digital Marketing Academy.
– Specialty Sales Manager.
Management training
– Professional management

– Business management
– Regional training for leaders;
– HR course for leaders;

– Project management course;
– Financial Course for leaders
Other training
– Personal development camp;
– Private corporate training.