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Our business life could be compared to a long-distance marathon where we waste our energy and mental health. Sometimes we need to pause, revitalize, and change our mood for the better.

The camp of individual development will allow you to enjoy a pleasant summer break, get a charge of positive energy, and get rid of tension and stress accumulated during work. In addition, you can earn up to 80 new friends, expand your relationship. Very interesting psychological trainings that will take place within 3 days, as well as team competitions will make you a stronger and more effective personality, as well as will allow you to develop new skills.

The project was developed in accordance with a special US program. Over the past four years, more than 300 people have been involved into these individual development camps.


For anyone over 18 years

There is also an option to join with a family


Day 1.

11.00 Gathering
11.30 Grouping
15.00 Psychological exercises
20.00 Volleyball competition
21.30 Evening leisure (intellectual games, football, disco)

Day 2.

07.00 Morning exercises
07.30 Volleyball competition
11.00 Team exercises (“Spider web”, “Labyrinth”, “Confidence falls”)
16.00 Teamwork
20.00 Volleyball competition
21.30 Evening leisure (intellectual games, football, disco)

Day 3.

07.00 Morning exercises
07.30 Final round of volleyball competition
11.00 Test exercises
16.00 Final gathering (presentation of teams)

The cost for participating in the camp is AZN 280.
The amount includes:

  • Transfer
  • Hotel accommodation (3 days – 2 nights, in double rooms)
  • Meals (3 times a day, for all 3 days)
  • T-shirts
  • All relevant trainings and seminars
  • All entertainment


Azad Gahramanov
Sales expert, trainer
Sarvan Aslanov
Sales expert, trainer
Murad Gahramanly
Sales expert, trainer
Cəlalə Mustafayeva

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