If your sales are fa behind the desired level, however, you see the prospects for further development, then this problem can be quickly solved by applying a special “High Sales” program offered by Sat Group. We will find and eliminate the problems that impede the progress of your company, and encourage your team to more efficient and productive work.


Sales system improvement

Increased productivity of the sales team

Increased sales in a shorter time


Companies in crisis

For solving problems that hamper sales and achieving further development of theirs in the shortest possible time, alongside with recovering sales and ensuring future growth in turnover.

Beginner companies (start-ups)

To achieve successful sales and develop a correct system from the very beginning of their operations.

Mature companies

To expand or enter new markets.


Deep analysis of both marketing and sales systems of the company, the status of staff motivation, its proficiency and skills. Problem detection, identification of potential.

Action plan preparation – the plan is aimed at improving marketing and sales systems.

Developing sales skills of the dedicated staff.

The program will be presented by Anar Bayramov, Rafig Khunaltai, Ilkin Manafov and Azad Gahramanov, each of whom has rich experience in marketing and sales. The companies engaged in collaboration with the aforementioned trainers include but are not limited to Embawood, Ideal Perfumery and Cosmetics, AzGranata, German Studio, DemirBank, and Gilan Holding.

Contact us if you want to properly address the problem of low sales performance by improving profitability in a short time.