Small and medium businesses can face with the following difficulties:

Do you watch the following problems in your company?

Chaos within the team.

There is no system that ensures constant effectiveness of the work carried out by ward employees.

Employees work without motivation.

The bonus system is not effective. That is, it does not encourage employees to work more efficiently and improve themselves.

There is a gap between business functions. Sales are incompatible with management and production requirements.

The leader works the most.

Planning is not available or inefficient (production plan, sales plan, etc.).

There are no clear investment directions.

Expenditures have exceeded the limits, or there is no clear control over expenditures.

İşləri çatdırmaq olmur.

It is unclear what the level of knowledge and skills of the team is. Should it be changed (upgraded), or is it worth continuing work in the existing team?

Problems are not eliminated on time, and late decision comes at cost for the company.

These problems will be fixed with the creation of the control system.

Experienced professionals of SAT Group will help you to solve these tasks at the highest level, creating a highly efficient management system.

What will be done?

All problems and hidden opportunities of a company will be analyzed and reported to the management.

You will find solutions to management problems and succeed in creating a successful administration system.

A system of personnel management will be developed.

Forms of reporting for managers and other employees will be defined; accounting system will be put into operation.

There’ll be developed a motivation system that will provide all employees with a higher incentive to work.

A management structure will be created to ensure the long-term development of your business.

Production planning will be developed, alongside with a sales planning system.


Management will become easy and effective.

The whole team will work to deliver better performance.

Your business will be based on sustainable development.

You and your team will be able to see the results in a more clear way.

You will be able to foresee future prospects for your business, and its current direction.

You will be able to identify and solve all the major problems and shortcomings in a timely manner.

You will have all the necessary knowledge and tools to become a successful manager.

Your resources (money, time, employees, information, etc.) will be focused on the development of your business, and only in profit-generating spheres.

You will deliver better results in a shorter time.

Contact us if you want to build a highly efficient management system or improve an existing one.