Each company needs marketing, which will increase its sales, reinforce its image and assist it to develop a strong brand.


Sales fluctuations are happening in an abrupt way;

Clients express disconnect from the services provided;

The image of the enterprise is deteriorating;

There is a waste of money for unprofitable projects / projects with no ROI;

This can lead to the loss of the market share you occupy now;


Want an incessant increase in sales;

Strive to create a positive image;

Encouraged to create a strong brand;

Want to wield real advantages in comparison to competitors;

Want your advertising costs to be targeted and effective;

Then entrust this matter to experienced specialists of the Sat Group, who carry out similar work at the highest level in Azerbaijan. The team of Sat Group marketers is a key player known for successful brand creation for a plenty of fast-growing local companies and businesses of Azerbaijan. You can easily attract our team to develop your business, and, thus, improve it.


Identifying gaps, weaknesses, problems and opportunities by reviewing and analyzing the existing marketing system, customer base, and the market as a whole

Developing a marketing strategy based on the current state of business

Preparing a short-term marketing plan for solving a critical cases

Modifying customer segmentation

Developing private marketing solutions for the crisis period

Properly planning and executing the marketing budget. How much should the marketing budget be? How to split it? How to spend it?

Optimizing the product. What products should remain in the current portfolio? Which products should be specially considered?

Developing a branding strategy that will lead to a continuous improvement of the company’s image

Creating a CRM-system, which will support the loyalty of existing clients and will encourage them to be engaged in long tail sales

Preparing a price strategy in accordance with market conditions and business outlines

Creating ads for campaigns

Preparing a plan for effective SMM (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.)

Contact us to build a marketing system that will help you to incessantly increase sales, and manage them in an efficient way.